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13 December 2009 @ 09:52 am
Top 17 Michael Jackson Songs to Listen to in the Car  
Top 17* Michael Jackson Songs to Listen to in the Car

I was trying to figure out, "Why do I love MJ's music so much?" I know, cray cray, right? I mean, I can give you a shopping list of why I love Michael Jackson in general, but why exactly do I love his music?

I figured it out: his music is catchy, and 95% of the time it has a great beat. And I don't even have to mention his velvet vocals.

This combination makes Michael Jackson's music absolutely perfect for listening to in the car. I ALWAYS find myself listening to MJ in the car; his music is perfect driving music.

So I'm not answering the question of "What are the top 17 Michael Jackson songs?" because no one can do that; everyone has their own opinion and personal taste. But I AM answering the question of "What are the best Michael Jackson songs to listen to in the car?", even though it is also a matter of personal taste.

*17 because not only is it an awkward prime number, but it's roughly the number of songs you can fit on a CD.

17. She Drives Me Wild
She Drives Me Wild: It has car sounds, it has a good beat; naturally it’s good music to drive to. And every girl wants to think they’re the one that drives Mike wild.

16. This Time Around
Angry!Michael and Biggie Smalls. Need I say more? It’s a recipe for good driving music.

15. Smooth Criminal
“You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a SMOOTH CRIMINAL!” You can’t tell me that I’m the only one who pantomimes the gun shots.

14. You Rock My World
One of the few Invincible songs that I really like. YRMW returns to the classic style of a good bass beat mixed with MJ singing about girls.

13. Rock With You
Everyone needs some Sweet!Michael to play in their car. Just don’t pretend you’re Michael doing the leg motions while driving. No, not a good idea.

12. Superfly Sister
Superfly Sister is one of the highly underrated songs of the highly underrated album Blood on the Dance Floor. “Push it in, stick it out; that ain’t what it all about.” It sure isn’t MJ, it sure isn’t.

11. Another Part of Me
A classic example of Michael Jackson’s many “feel good” songs. You can’t help but smile; Another Part of Me is simply infectious.

10. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Thriller!Mike singing to me and calling me a tenderoni. Perfect for crusing down the highway. And everyone likes to sing along to the “Na, Na, Na.”

9. The Way You Make Me Feel
No one can resist the shuffling beat to The Way You Make Me Feel. And I can’t help but sing along in the car.

8. Billie Jean
MJ’s signature song is perfect for jamming along with in the car. The vocals, the “racy” subject matter. “OMG!!! A GROUPIE LIKE, HAD MJ’S BABY! BUT MJ’S NOT THE BABYDADDY, ‘CAUSE THE CHAIR IS NOT HIS SON!!” You know it.

7. Leave Me Alone
Oh, how I love Leave Me Alone; it’s catchy as hell. And you know that part at about 1:11 in the music video short film where MJ puts his little space ship into gear? It’s fun syncing that part of the short film to when you put your own car in drive.

6. They Don’t Care About Us
I love driving alone in the car listening to angry!MJ. I’m not even kidding.

5. Black or White
Black or White: yet another MJ song with a good message and a fantastic beat. And you all do the hand motion to “I’m not gonna spend my life bein’ a color” while alone in your car; don’t lie.

4. Blood on the Dance Floor
A song where MJ sounds kinda angry, but he’s not as angsty as Stranger in Moscow or They Don’t Care About Us!MJ. No, he just sings a song with a jazzy 90s beat about being frustrated with this girl Susie at a night club with a Latino feel. I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of BOTDF, but I personally love it.

3. Remember the Time
“Do you REMEMBAH?” Yes, MJ, I certainly do. In my opinion, this is the catchiest, most timeless Michael Jackson song ever. It doesn’t sound early 90s to me at all; it just sounds like an amazing song. And I personally find it satisfying to scream along with MJ as he laments, “YOU AND ME, IN SPAIN! DRRAP! DRAP DRAP! DRAP! DRRAP! DRAPUHDRAP!”

2. In the Closet
It’s one of the sezziest Michael Jackson songs ever. And not coincidentally, this makes it an amazing song for jamming to when you’re alone in your car. No matter your mood, it’s just FUN listening to In the Closet. And girls, I know each and every one of you sings and pretends to be Princess Stefanie. Or is that just me…

1. Man in the Mirror
You hear the opening chords and you immediately know that it’s the feel good song of the century. Everyone needs to have Man in the Mirror in their car; I already decided. I personally favor listening to Man in the Mirror when I’m coming home from work/school/whatever and I’m alone and it’s dark outside. You can’t help but turn up the stereo as loud as you can stand, put your windows down, and sing along.